Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying

The Frelinghuysen Township Board of Education prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation, bullying, and hazing. A safe and civil environment in school is necessary for pupils to learn and to achieve high academic standards. Harassment, intimidation, bullying, and hazing, like other disruptive or violent conduct, are behaviors that disrupt both a pupil's ability to learn and a school's ability to educate pupils in a safe environment. Consequences and appropriate remedial actions for student behaviors that are considered to be acts of harassment, intimidation, bullying, and hazing will be taken in accordance with district policy. To report an incident of HIB please fill out our HIB reporting form below. Reports may be emailed to our anti-bullying specialist (see below). If you prefer to remain anonymous, please mail the information to the school address. 

Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Stephanie Bonaparte