•  Frelinghuysen Township School District 


    In keeping with our mission of developing productive students through a superior, individualized education that effectively leverages technology in a safe and supportive school community, Frelinghuysen Township School has collaboratively developed the following goals for the 2018-2019 school year.   


    Goal #1: 

    Enhance English Language Arts and Math instruction through the use of evidence based programs to target specific skill areas such as writing, fact fluency and mathematical reasoning.


    Goal #2: 

    Enrich the curriculum with STEAM based activities designed to allow for innovation and creativity in the classroom while promoting 21st century learning skills.


    Goal #3: 

    Support the Professional Learning Community (PLC) process to give educators the skills to create informed, data driven instructional decisions through an engaging, collaborative process.


    Goal #4: 

    Increase and support successful community engagement and communication practices.